Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Formal Look

Today I am sharing a look we put together for a formal occasion, perfect for the upcoming Holiday Season or a wedding with Keaton Row and Jamberry.  Everyone should have a little black dress right?  You will love this for the dress from ASOS with classic Hollywood glamour.  An embroidered kimono jacket for a coat layer and we have paired it with silver and gold to finish the look!  Find the dress, and accessories here.  You could pair this jacket will a long pair of black velvet gloves!  Jamie's Comments on the nails are as follows.  Formal Look: Static, Diamond Dust Sparkle, Little Black Dress, Floral Noir. Diamond dust Sparkle and Little Black Dress complement the gold and silver jewelry, Floral Noir and Static are a girly but sophisticated combination that mimic the lines in the clutch and the pattern on the jacket. To learn more about the Jamberry raps featured in this link please visit Jamie's Jamberry site here.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Night Football Fashion

Need an outfit for the Thursday Night Football game watching at the neighbors or the kids Friday night game live?  We're on it!  Go layered and stay warm! Start with a sweater, and a jean jacket under the coat for Friday night!  Layer on  great coat, like this black one with a fabulous collar!  Add the booties, handbag and nail wraps to match the sweater and pull it all together with a scarf that has every color!    Find the clothing here.
Here are Jamie's notes on the nail wraps.  It's football time! Footballs on Clear, Envy Lacquer, End Zone, and White Tip. Apply one even coat of Envy Lacquer on nails and allow to dry before applying White Tip to create a green nail with white French tip; and Footballs on clear to create a green back ground for this design. Bonus! End Zone is one of our “There's More” wraps. This means that the image you are seeing is only PART of the nail wraps that come with this design. Below is the full design. See where the green comes in now?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wear it Well Wednesday: Fall Color How To's

If you love the colors of Fall, but aren't sure how to wear them, this post is for you!  Maybe you are not sure about wearing orange or yellow and want some tips.
Here is how to wear it well:
1)  Keep the amount of orange and yellow small.  Use it as an accent or an under layer.
2)  Check the mirror, I am showing this as an under layer blouse, but you always want to make sure that a blouse or top color flatters in the mirror.  If it doesn't, skip the blouse and use it as accent only.
3)  Wear it with neutral and have the neutral as you main color.  Above we have matched it with black and grey.  
Love the looks above?  Find the clothing here.   Halloween Nail Look: This look is just pure fun! Mummified, Persimmon, Veiled, and Candy Corn. Mummified, Persimmon, and Candy Corn are fashionably festive wraps to celebrate Halloween. Veiled reflects the pattern in the necklace and the sparkle adds some glamor to the holiday wraps.  And find the nail wraps here.     

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Try it Tuesday: Jamberry Nail Wraps

For the look above, Clare chose the classic blazer in Khaki, bootcut jeans, the half boot and a great Fall inspired scarf.  You can find the complete clothing look here.  Clare loves a blue nail wrap from Jamberry because it goes with any outfit with a pair of jeans!  Since the Jamberries last so long, it's always a good choice!
For the look below, Clare paired the faux leather quilted jacket with a blue and black sweater.  The classic bootcut jean flatters the figure and looks fabulous with the suede bootie!  This is Jamie's favorite look! I love the blues and browns with my jeans! Puffy Punch, Navy Quatrefoil, Navy Skinny, and Soiree. Quatrefoil complements the pattern in the model's jacket, Navy Skinny repeats the lines in the shirt, Soiree gives you the feeling of texture similar to the material used in the shoes, and Puffy Punch creates a focal point with a punch of color.  

For more information on ordering Jamberry nail wraps or the wraps pictured below.  Please find Jamie here and get yourself some wraps to try this Tuesday.  Want to see how easy applying Jamberry wraps can be? Just watch this video!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Finish the Details

This week I am hosting an online event with a Jamberry Consultant.  We wanted to show you how you can get a complete look with free styling from Keaton Row, and matching nail wraps from Jamberry!  If you are a woman who struggles to find her style or get a finished look, we can help!  The outfit above is a perfect look for a casual day, and a fabulous fashion look too!  You can look your best anytime and it's easy! You will love this blanket cape for years to come!  And the edgy zip shoulder let's you wear this top two ways!   Find the clothing here along with lots of styling idea for all types of boots.  For the nail look, this design was made with Barely Blue, Everything Nice, Caribbean Snakeskin and Aquamarine. Caribbean Snakeskin mimics the texture of the belt in this outfit, while Everything Nice and Barely Blue add some sparkle. Aquamarine is a punch of color that ties them all together.
Find the  Jamberry Nails here.  In honor of our event we holding a drawing.  See below for how to enter!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Join Us for a Week of Head to Toe Looks

With the holiday's approaching you will want to look your best and purchase the best gifts for your family and friends.  So, I got together with a friend who sells Jamberry Nails to show you how to get fabulous complete looks and give you gift ideas!  It's easy when you have a fashion stylist and a Jamberry consultant!  Here we worked with a traditional black and white look and added a pop of coral! 
Let me tell you a little more about Keaton Row.  Keaton Row offers free fashion styling through their stylists.  As a Keaton Row stylist, I can help you find clothing to flatter your figure, fit in your budget and give you a complete look.  My commission is paid by the retailer and you pay the same price whether you shop with me or shop with the retailer.  In most cases shipping and returns are free too!  So you are getting free fashion styling and personal shopping!  You can request a free lookbook from me at any time here.
You will love the clothing look with the chevron cardigan, fitted turtleneck and skinny black jeans.  Add a coral scarf and some great lacy booties with peep toe to show off the Jamberries!
The nail look was created using Blush Lacquer, Black Tip, Black Lace and Reminisce nail wraps.  Apply one even coat of Blush Lacquer on nails and allow to dry before applying the Black Tip to create a blush nail with black French tip; and Black Lace to create a blush back ground for this design.  You will find our Lacquer line lasts 2-3 days longer then nail polish without chipping and is thicker so you only have to apply one coat instead of several.  Find the clothing here.
And find the Jamberry items here.

And here is a nail look for yesterday's style the sale post (above)!  The wraps are Beauty in Bloom, Pretty in Pink, Fruit Punch Carmen Ombre.  Combine them all to say Summer's not over yet!  This fun and flirty combination has a little bit of everything including sparkle!  You can send Jamie a note with a link to any Keaton Row lookbook and she will fin you wraps to match!
In honor of our event we are having a giveaway.  Here are the ways you can enter:


Saturday, September 13, 2014

#StyleTheSale: Pink Pant

I am loving the pink pant deal at KR this week!  At just over $15.00, I can live out one of my fashion fantasies and you can too.  Maybe you are unsure of how to wear the pink pant, so I put together two looks for you with all the items ON SALE.  You can find both of the looks above here.  Pair the pink pant with with neutrals, animal prints, and blue.  This works with an animal print, because the mind reads this as a neutral.  I also love this pant with a white top and the blue boucle jacket from ASOS (for under $20.00) many of my clients have already purchased (below) or a chambray or denim top! There are still a few of the boucle jackets left in sizes 1, 4, 6, 8 & 14 (as I write this post).  Wear with a white top and jean jacket, etc.  Just think of it as a variation of red white and blue.  Have fun and look pretty in pink!


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