Tuesday, May 5, 2015

#TrendyTuesday: Watch Out

I know many of us have deserted the wrist watch for our cell phone to keep time, but it's time to remember the value of a watch!  I love a watch for the following reasons:
  1. It's perfect for the job interview!  This is a great way to show your future employer that you are concerned about time and being prompt!
  2. It's another piece of jewelry to finish an outfit!  One of the best ways to finish and outfit and look polished is to add jewelry and the wrist watch is a great bracelet!  If you love the look of layered bracelets and don't want the expense of buying several, try the wrapped watch!
  3. It doesn't loose it's charge like your phone!  While the batteries in your phone need recharging frequently, your watch doesn't.  So, the watch is a more reliable way to keep track of time.
  4. It's not as bulky as some bracelets.  I love a bracelet as much as the next woman, but sometimes they get in the way while working.  A watch is less likely to get in the way
  5. They don't ring at the wrong time!  I love the watch for keeping track of time in a quiet location where I don't want my phone to interrupt because I forgot to turn it off! 
This season, I am crazy for the wrapped watch trend.  You can find these great watches here.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#TrendyTuesday: The Long Vest

One of my favorite trends this Spring Summer season is the long vest!  I love the clean long tailored lines to add polish to any 9 to 5 outfit and it's cooler than the jacket.  And the long vest if fabulous for the casual chic look too!  Just pair it with some of your favorite jeans and some pumps or a strappy sandal.  Here are some more tips for wearing the long vest trend:
1)  If  your a pear figure, choose a darker pant or jean than the vest.  So white vest, and blue or black pants. 
2)  It works with the dress too!  Pair it with the blouse and skirt and the sheath or shirt dress.

Not sure about the price of Helmut Lang's vest, or the length?  Try this ivory vest with classic blazer details for under $90.00.  Find all these fabulous vest looks here.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

#StyleTheSALE Saturday Casual Glamor

Looking for options for date night or the weekend?  Take a look at this week's Style the Sale look!  Above the looks starts with a retro glam blouse by Free People, and white flared jeans.  Add the white pump or sandal and silver accessories for an elegant finish!  Find the look above ON SALE here.  Love the blouse, but not sure about the bare midriff?  Add the tank top underneath and leave a few more buttons undone, for a purposefully look.
Perhaps you just want a new top?  Try this cold shoulder peasant blouse, also by Free People and ON SALE!  Find it here too!  I love the cold shoulder blouse to show some skin and still cover the arm!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#TrendyTuesday: The Who, What, Where, & Why of Wearing FashionTrends

I love a fashion trend as much as the next woman, but not every woman is comfortable wearing new trends.  She might love a new trend but not know how to wear it.  So, today thought I might wander from sharing a new seasonal trend to talk about how to wear fashions trends, who should wear fashion trends, and why we wear fashion trends.
So, here are some questions answered about fashion trends for every woman!
1)  Who?  Every woman can wear a fashion trend but should keep the following in mind
  • Only wear trends that flatter your figure.  For example if you are petite, avoid the large tropical print and try a small scale print instead, or add the print to your accessories.
  • Only wear trends that flatter your coloring.  For example, this year's white trend is beautiful, but if you don't look good in white, consider skipping the trend, or wearing it in the pant or skirt layer and add color in your blouse.  And if you are pear shaped, avoid a white bottom with a darker top, instead use all white in your look. 
  • Only wear a trend that fits your personal style.  So, if you love the tropical print trend this season, but you don't wear prints add it to your accessories.  A tropical print handbag is a fun way to add the trend and stay true to your style.
2)  What?  Review the seasonal fashion trends and determine which one's interest you.  Then review your figure type with the trend and see how you can wear it.  Not sure of your figure type?  Talk with a fashion stylist and determine your figure type and best looks.  Fashion styling at Keaton Row is free! 
3)  Where?  Wondering where you can wear the newest trends?
  • Only wear trends to the appropriate location.  So, be careful about what white lace piece you choose for the office. 
  • Accessories are important!  Don't forget the importance of the accessories to take your look from casual to formal for the right occasion.
4)  How?  Wondering how to wear the trend?  Mix it with closet essentials for timeless look with an updated feel.  Consult a fashion stylist on what are the seasonal trends, and how you can wear them!  Love the gingham trendy look at the top of this post?  Find it here. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

#StyleTheSale Saturday: For Mother's Day

Are you looking for a Mother's Day look, or a gift for Mom?  I've styled the sale just for Mother's Day!  Above you can find great separate pieces you can wear on Mother's Day and the rest of the Spring Summer season with more of your closet essentials!  Pair the blazer and tank with slack for work, or jeans for the night out this season!  Find the fabulous feminine floral look above here.

And if you or your Mom are not passionate about prints, try this classic solid look with Navy cardigan and olive or khaki green shirt dress.  A cashmere cardigan is the perfect layering piece for any season, and will wear so well!  The cardigan makes a great gift for Mother's Day and comes in multiple colors here.  Give Mom the gift of cashmere for under $50.00!
And is you are shopping for Mother's Day and need some help, I can create a free lookbook at any time!  Just use this link to create a lookbook request, by clicking on the Request Your Free Lookbook button.  Let me know your budget, what you are looking for and any sizes and I will shop for you! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#TrendyTuesday Tropical Prints

You may have noticed that I love printed fabrics, so I am so happy with this trend for Spring Summer 2015:  Tropical Prints!  This season, many of the tropical prints are monochromatic and black & white.  I love the pencil skirt with the black sleeveless blouse and the soft moto jacket in pale pink above for the office.  You can find it here. 
Here is the tropical print in a monochromatic print by Tory Burch.  How fabulous is this dress to cover and entice too!  Wear it to the formal occasion with the accessories shown, or add a white blazer and more simple accessories for the office with flats.  Find it here.
And tropical prints are showing up in this seasons culottes!  This a great way to get the look of a skirt with the comfort of pants.  If you're petite, pair the culottes with a top in the same print for a longer look.  Find this look here.   
And if your a woman who only wears solids or isn't sure about the tropical print but want to pull off this trend, consider adding a tropical print to your accessories!  Or add a printed blouse under a jacket layer on a smaller scale.  Find accessories and blouse suggestions here. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

MakeItMine Monday: A Look for Less!

I loved, loved, loved the white blouse featured on Who, What, Wear for Spring office looks, but it was way outside my price range and out of stock.  So, I took a look at the Keaton Row catalog and found a great option for less by Michael Kors at $89.50 (instead of $290.00).  I love Michael's white blouse for it's pleated back, high low hem and the lacy sleeves.  I plan to pair it with the pencil skirt for work and jeans for everyday and I'll add a statement necklace to help balance the back pleats.  It will be my new white blouse closet staple for Summer.  If you love this look find it in my Keaton Row lookbook here. 
Here it is styled for the office.   You may also want to check out my faux leather skirt find for less in the office look at $31.80! Find the office look with a fabulous pencil skirt deal here.


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